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Complete Infrastructure

  • Complete international transportation facilities and logistic capability.
  • Quality and inexpensive utilities and telecommunication services.

Taiwan has complete international transportation facilities and logistic capability. Currently, Taiwan has two international airports-Taoyuan and Kaohsiung airports, and 7 international harbors, consisting of Kaohsiung harbor, Keelung harbor, Taichung harbor, Hwalian harbor, Anping harbor, Suaou harbor and Taipei harbor, in the order of their business volume.

First, Taiwan has passenger transportation systems, railways, highways and domestic airports for domestic long distance transportation. Taiwan has complete railway networks throughout the island. The high speed railways started operations in 2005, which has tremendously reduced the traveling time between north and south Taiwan. Domestic airports are available in Taipei, Taichung, Hwalian, Taitung, Chiayi, Tainan, Pingtung, Kinmen and Machu. The metropolitan areas are being developed with MRT systems, including the Taipei MRT and the Kaohsiung MRT systems, which make the metropolitan life more convenient.

Second, compared to other countries, Taiwan provides quality and inexpensive utilities and telecommunication services. It provides favorable prices or rates to users of oil and gas, environmental protection fees, and transportation fees. According to the 2013 electricity price data of 32 countries in the world, the average price of Taiwan’s household electricity use ranked the 3rd lowest, only next to Mainland China(2010 data) and Mexico; the average price of Taiwan’s industrial electricity use ranked the 4th lowest, next to the United States, Norway, and Sweden.

Finally, the internet penetration rate is high in Taiwan. About 80% (84.5%) of households have access to the internet, 88% (88.8%) have computers, 84% of the households with the internet access use 2Mbps or faster broadband. World Economic Forum (WEF) has released its " 2014 Network Readiness Rating (Network Readiness Index, NRI)" rankings, Taiwan ranks 14th place worldwide. WEF Network Readiness rating is the most representative of the global IT competitiveness ranking of countries. There are 148 economies evaluated in 2014 NRI report by four subindexes which include Environment, Readiness, Usage, and Impact and are divided in to 10 pillars composed of 54 individual indicators in total. In the report, Taiwan remains at the frontier both as a high-tech manufacturer and as a technology-driven economy, with strong usage of ICTs among all society’s stakeholders. The increasing scores yearly indicate the development of Information and Technology in Taiwan has been improved upwardly and affirmed internationally.

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