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Multinational R&D center in Taiwan

"The Program of Multinational Innovative R&D center in Taiwan" is an important element in the International Innovation and R&D Base Plan, which forms part of the National Development Plan. The aim is to get multinational corporations collaborating with local Taiwanese firms so that Taiwan can establish itself as a regional R&D center within the Asia Pacific region. This in turn will help to support multinational production activities, thereby enhancing the role which Taiwan plays in global R&D, giving the R&D activity of Taiwanese industry greater depth and encouraging Taiwanese companies to focus on cutting-edge research.

Implementation of the plan began in 2002. Until Oct, 2011, several leading international corporations including Intel, HP, Dell, Sony, Microsoft, IBM and Ericsson have established 51 R&D centers in Taiwan. Among these companies, many found that the industry environment and infrastructure here are much better than what they had expected, and some even expanded the scale of their R&D centers. This proves Taiwan to be an ideal location for multinational corporations to establish their R&D bases for innovative R&D activities. The introduction of key technology by these R&D centers will help Taiwan to become a valued partner to the world's multinational corporations in the area of technology, and will contribute to the further development of Taiwanese industry.

The approved projects of The Multinational Innovative R&D centers in Taiwan Program are listed below.

Company Name Project Name
Hewlett-Packard International Pte. Ltd. Taiwan Branch HP product Development Center
Sony Taiwan Limited SONY Design & Engineering Center Taiwan
Sony Taiwan Limited System in Module Center Taiwan
Becker Electronic Taiwan Ltd. (Becker Avionics) Avionics Certification Skill & Key Technology Development Center
Aixtron Taiwan Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Oriented Research Lab
Pericom Taiwan Limited PERICOM Advanced Mixed-Signal IC R&D Center
IBM Taiwan Corporation Mobile e-Business R&D Center
Dell Computer (Taiwan) B.V., Taiwan Branch Dell Taiwan Design Center
Microsoft Taiwan Co. Microsoft Technology Center
Intel Innovation Technologies Ltd. Intel Innovation Center
IBM Taiwan Corporation Life Sciences Center of Excellence
Ericsson Taiwan Ltd. ERICSSON Innovation Center
Broadcom Taiwan Co. Network SoC R&D Center
Motorola Electronics Taiwan Limited Motorola Taiwan Product Development Center
DuPont Taiwan Ltd. DuPont Taiwan Technical Center
Taiwan International Standard Electronics Ltd. (Alcatel) Alcatel ICT Application Research Center
IBM Taiwan Corporation IBM xSeries Taiwan Development Center
GlaxoSmithKline Far East B. V. Taiwan Branch GSK Taiwan R&D Operation Center
NEC Taiwan Ltd. NEC Innovative Product Joint Development Center for Engineering
Synopsys Taiwan Limited. VDSM EDA R&D CENTER
AKT America, Inc. AKT Asia Research & Development Center
Festo Co., Ltd. Festo CEC R&D Center Taiwan
Atotech Taiwan Ltd. Atotech Technology R&D Center
Telcordia Technologies, Inc. Taiwan Telcordia R&D Center
General Instrument of Taiwan, Ltd. Motorola Connected Home Solutions Taiwan Technology Center
Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co., Ltd. Green Electronic Materials and Energy Device Safety Testing and Inspection Technology Research and Development Center
Fujitsu Taiwan Ltd. Fujitsu Taiwan Development Center
Dow Chemical Taiwan Limited Dow Chemical Taiwan Plastics Application Development Center
ULVAC Research Center Taiwan, Inc. ULVAC Advanced Technology Center
IBM Taiwan Corporation IBM Taiwan Systems and Technology Laboratory
ASML Taiwan Ltd. ASML Worldwide Center of Excellence
Mycom International Inc., Taiwan Branch Mycom strategic R&D center
Synopsys Taiwan Limited. Advanced Process EDA R&D Center
Taiwan International Standard Electronics Ltd. (Alcatel-Lucent) WiMAX Application Development and IOT Center
Microsoft Taiwan Co. Microsoft Innovation Center
Telcordia Applied Research Center Taiwan Company Telcordia Telematics Taiwan R&D Center
DuPont Taiwan Ltd. DuPont Taiwan Display Materials Technical Center
Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan Ltd. Digital Content Creation Center
Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co., Ltd. Advanced Energy Safety R&D Center
DuPont Taiwan Ltd. DuPont Taiwan Photovoltaic Materials Technical Center
ASML Taiwan Ltd. ASML Global 200mm Technology Center
Fujitsu Global Mobile Platform Inc. Fujitsu Global Mobile Platform Design Center
Corning Display Technologies Taiwan Co., Ltd. Corning Research Center Taiwan

Source:Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs ,2011

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