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Project Vanguard for Excellence in Tourism


  • Establish themes for regional development:
    • Northern Taiwan "Living & Cultural Taiwan" with the focus on art, culture, fashion, design, popular music and historical personalities culture.
    • Central Taiwan "Enterprising & Fashion Taiwan" with the focus on tea plantations, forestry history recreational farming and creativity.
    • Southern Taiwan "Historical & Oceanic Taiwan" with the focus on history, ancient relics ocean resource and coral reef ecology.
    • Eastern Taiwan "Leisurely Living & Nature Taiwan" with the emphasis on bicycles, aborigina llife, organic recreation al farming and dolphin/whale ecology.
    • The offshore regions "Unique Islands Taiwan" with Penghu being an international holiday island while Kinmen and Matsu focus on battlefield tours, folk culture and village landscape.
    • Taiwan nationwide is promoted as "Diverse Taiwan" with delicacies, hot springs and medical healthcare.
  • Once the regions have been redefined, the "Project Vanguard for Excellence in Tourism" can be put into action to leverage their strengths:
    • The "International Spotlight" program will see the Executive Yuan's Tourism Development and Promotion Committee set up a trans-agency task force for coordinating the efforts of government ministries and agencies.
    • "Flagship Attraction" projects that will show results within four years include:
      • "Regional Flagship Tourism Plan (Top to bottom, to be outlined by chief inter national tourism consultant)
      • "Competitive International Tourist Attractions Demonstration Plan" (Bottom-up approach local governments to submit applications)
      • "Tourist Spot Seamless Travel Service Plan" (proposals to be submitted by local governments)
  • The tourism industry will also receive a makeover in terms of industry structure and manpower through the "Foundation Building" plan to build competitiveness at the grassroots level:
    • "Industry Makeover Plan" which includes introducing international tourist hotel chains, cultivating local hotel brands, encouraging professional certification for the tourism industry and cross-industry collaboration (medicine, agriculture, SPA, creative culture, ecology, tribes).
    • The "Elite Development" plan to boost vocational education and in-service training. Outstanding tourism workers and instructors will also be sent overseas for training through partnership program with well-known international institutes and encouraging rolling in EMBA program of conferences in related to tourism to raise the international competitiveness in touriam industry.
  • For existing tourism programs, set up "Upgrade" initiatives to boost their value constantly strengthening "market explore", establishing "Taiwan International Tourism Development Center" to develop quality empolyment for tourism, Actively implement "Hotel Star Rating" and "Guest House Certification" programs to meet international expectations


  • The government will use additional flights from the cross-strait three links, opportunities from further route extensions, the international airport city proposal, high speed rail and freeways to actively promote Taiwan as a key transshipment hub and tourism destination for East Asia.

Investment Benefits and Opportunities

  • "Tourism" will become a common link between different industries in the future.
  • Use the emerging industries to define the niche of the tourism industry, develop international tourism, improve the quality of domestic tourism and boost foreign exchange income.
  • 30 billion NTD has been set aside for the Tourism Industry Development Fund. This will hopefully generate 550 billion NTD in tourism revenues by 2012 (foreign exchange income from tourism to be around nine billion USD or 300 million NTD, and the increase in domestic tourism revenues to reach 250 billion NTD). This will also lead to the creation of 400,000 direct and indirect tourism jobs. Attract 200 billion NTD in private investment and introduce at least 10 well-known international chain hotel brands to Taiwan.
  • Once the projects are under way, the number of visitors to Taiwan this year should reach 4.1 million and 5.5 million by 2012.

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